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A little info about the AM DXers Webpagecreator

SJM from 1997
pictured with a prized acquisition, "Basketball w/ Bob Cousy"
game. Game, record, and beer memorabillia collecting round out my hobbies.

Hello, my name is Steve Mahlberg.
I am the creator of this webpage as you may know.
I have been an avid radio/tv dx enthusiast, one who enjoys listening to/watching long distance (DX) signals, for nearly thirty five years. I have created this page as a hopeful means to introduce to the hobby and educate the beginning dx hobbyist.

Now you can read about the recent conditions
for listening in Duluth, MN.
I started DXing around 1975.
Actually, my brothers had been listening to what sounded like static on an old am clock radio.
I couldn't hear anything that made sense, but my brother said he had heard WXYZ in the garbled noise.
At that time I didn't believe him, but I do now.