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under construction.

Welcome to my wav and mp3 (converting under consturction) file page of long distance "DX" receptions of FM broadcast
radio stations from Duluth, MN. I'm sure you have a favorite radio station? Well my hobby is listening
to radio stations from far away places. The signals which have travelled a long distance are known as "DX", the abbreviation for distance.
When atmospheric conditions permit, it is possible to
listen to a radio station from places outside your locality.
Depending on the types of atmospheric conditions, it is possible to hear these staions as clearly as your local favorites.
With other conditions, the station may fade up and down in volume (signal strength) and make listening a little less enjoyable if listening to the music or show is your primary goal.
To a DXer, even the weakest, barely heard signal is worth listening to in an attempt to identify a newly heard station for his/her DX logbook. Below are some audio "wav" clips of DX stations heard on the FM radio band.
Most are less than 500 K. , some are bigger files
but I didn't want to sacrifice too much of the audio quality.

With FM DX season ripening for Eskip, I should be adding some new clips on here before too long.
But, here are a few examples to start with, heard from Duluth, Minnesota. All times are central time US.
Via "E - skip" mode unless otherwise noted.

Just added 09/14/98
The last of my old FM DX clips
WNSL 100.3 7/17/87 7:40pm Laurel, MS
WOKK 97.1 7/17/87 7:34pm Meridian, MS
WPRO 92.3 7/30/87 1:56pm Providence, RI
WSCG 93.5 7/30/87 2:13pm Corinth, NY
WSCL 89.7 7/17/87 6:50pm Salisbury, MD
WWMY 94.5 8/1/87 5:39pm (North Carolina?)
WXTC 96.9 8/1/87 5:15pm Charleston, SC

added 09/11/98!
KCLV 99.1 8/1/87 6:11pm Clovis, NM
KEFM 96.1 8/1/87 10:30am Omaha, NE tropos
KFMC 106.5 7/30/87 12:29pm Fairmont, MN
KFMW 107.9 8/1/87 11:18am Waterloo,IA tropos
KFMX 94.5 8/1/87 5:55pm Lubbock, TX
KHAA 106.7 7/17/87 7:18pm Port Sulphur, LA
KICD-FM 107.7 7/30/87 11:27am Spencer, IA tropos
KIJN 88.1 7/16/87 7:22pm ???
KILO 93.9 7/31/87 9:25pm Colorado Springs, CO
KKOR 94.5 7/31/87 9:00pm Gallup, NM
KLSS 106.1 7/30/87 11:57am Mason City, IA tropos
KNAU 88.7 7/17/87 6:13pm Flagstaff, AZ
KNAU 88.7 7/17/87 6:58pm
KNFM 92.3 7/31/87 9:59pm Midland, TX
KOKZ 105.7 8/1/87 10:53am Waterloo, IA tropos
KQQK 106.5 7/17/87 5:29pm Galveston, TX
KQRR 92.3 8/1/87 9:06am Ronan, MT
KSAQ 96.1 7/30/87 8:26pm San Antonio, TX "Super Q"
WBLI 106.1 7/30/87 1:38pm Patchogue, NY
WCFR 93.5 7/30/87 2:12pm Springfield, VT
WDXZ 104.5 7/17/87 5:20pm Charleston, SC "Dixie 104 and a half"
WFLY 92.3 7/30/87 1:59pm Troy, NY
WHLZ 92.5 8/1/87 12:29pm Manning, SC
WHSL 97.3 8/1/87 5:20pm Wilmington, NC
WJCL ?? 7/16/87 ?? FM 96
WJMT 93.5 7/30/87 2:21pm Merrill, WI tropos
WKCI 101.3 7/30/87 1:45pm Hamden, CT
WLIO 93.5 8/1/87 12:55pm ???
WMAW 88.1 7/17/87 7:00pm Meridian, MS
WMTZ 94.3 8/1/87 5:02pm Martinez, GA

KKPL 96.1 5/11/88 4:30PM Opportunity, WA
Q-94 94.5 5/11/88 4:37PM location unknown.
WCMS100.5 5/11/88 3:54PM Norfolk, VA.
WWDE 101.3 5/11/88 3:58PM Hampton, VA
WICO 94.3 5/11/88 4:58PM Salisbury, MD
KOUL 103.7 6/5/88 5:26PM Sinton, TX
KNFM 92.3 6/5/88 6:38PM Midland, TX
KLZX 93.3 6/5/88 7:23PM unknown---
KWES 102.1 6/5/88 9:44PM Monahans, TX
KBUC 107.5 6/5/88 9:47PM San Antonio, TX
KMMX 106.7 6/5/88 9:51PM San Antonio, TX "K-mix"
KGNZ 88.1 6/5/88 10:05PM Abeline, TX
KWKQ 107.1 6/6/88 7:32PM Graham, TX. qk fade in over an unid. TX station.
KHLC 98.3 6/6/88 7:46PM unknown---TX
KQFX 96.5 6/6/88 7:49PM fades out briefly while KRDN is heard. Both unknown locations to me.
WRR 101.1 6/6/88 7:55PM Dallas, TX is heard shortly.
KYKZ 96.1 6/6/88 8:13PM Lake Charles, LA. NOTE: Only a KICKS 96 id is heard.
WWGL 94.1 6/6/88 9:05PM another unknown.
WQUE 93.3 6/6/88 9:07PM New Orleans, LA
WDLX 93.3 6/6/88 9:08PM ???, NC "93-dlx"
KIWW 96.1 6/6/88 9:33PM Harligen, TX. A "Tex-Mex" FM station
KRRG 98.1 6/6/88 9:51PM Laredo(TX) is mentioned.
KOAI 106.1 6/6/88 9:59PM "The Oasis" Denton, TX

BRAND NEW TROPOS CLIPS! A heck of a tropos opening resulted in these fine catches!!
KROC 106.9 Rochester, MN 09/05/98 7:34am
KEXL 106.7 Norfolk, NE 09/05/98 7:41am (cool catch!)
thanks to Mike Bugaj for seeing my misidentification the state as VA and not NE!
KVSV 105.5 Beloit, KS 09/05/98 8:54am was really a surprise!
WOW 94.1 Omaha, NE 09/05/98 8:56 am was quite a catch too!

2003 DXING! all short tropos hauls this time...
WGMO 95.3 Shell Lake, WI 01/05/03 11:24am small tropos opening.
WCQM 98.3 Shell Lake, WI 01/06/03 12:15pm
WRJO 94.5 Eagle River, WI 01/06/03 12:26pm TROPOS but nothing exciting.
WAQE 97.7 Barron, WI 01/06/03 6:30pm
WRHN 100.1 Rhinelander, WI 01/06/03 6:50pm
That's it for now!

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