This page is dedicated to some of my DX clips and information regarding Long Distance DX radio reception.
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Time for AM DXing again!!
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since April 17, 1999

This page will link ANY radio related pages

I will gladly link outboard motor associated pages here on a separate page.

Learn aboutAM DX realted topics
(updated 4/20/99).
Propogation, such as sunrise and sunset skip, auroral flux, equipment for DXing, etc
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UPDATED 11/14/99
Check out recent OLD DX CONDITIONS in Duluth, MN area.
I will from time to time update the conditions page as time permits. I just got back into DXing more for the late 2011 season.
The above sections are under construction and will be updated as time permits

Any interests in FM, TV, SW, HAM, and PIRATE radio WELCOME!

Thanks! and keep DXing!