Learn about the current AM radio DX conditions in Duluth, MN.
and keep you up to date on my personal experiences with DXing the
AM radio band throughout the year.
Including predicitons and past year experiences
This page will be updated weekly at a minimum
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LOG BELOW UPDATED LAST ON: November 16, 1999
Based on personal past dx seasons and present conditions in my area.
I'll be going out on a limb with my predictions so bear with me!
I'm not too frequently wrong... :)
PREDICTIONS FOR November 13 THRU November 20, 1999 :
And in full force!
Conditions are prime for Southeast and East Coast DX around 4PM
Even as early as 3PM if you are in a quiet - noise fee location.
East coast should fade a bit by 4PM as the Southeast starts fading up.
Between 5 and 7PM you should be able to pick up a bunch of new stations from
the South US. And with a good antenna, much further south to Mexico and Central America.
Depending on your antenna orientation, you might just be able to pick up a few
European stations around 7PM. But they are fairly tough to hear in this part of the US
My antenna restrictions will not allow me to hear European DX anymore.
At any rate, DX season is here! (Shut UP and LISTEN!!!!!)
Good Luck and Good DX!
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Steve Mahlberg

1507 Woodland Avenue
Duluth, MN 55803
United States

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SEP thru NOV. 1999
I have been unable to listen at my location due to
interference and high noise levels
I have finally found a solution
but it's limiting my DX catches.
11/12/99 (K???) "Mighty 1190" from Shreveport, LA area w/oldies format
(heard on car radio near Duluth)
some small tropos openings.
No huge ducts or anything.
No AM DXing yet...
JULY 1999
7/30/99 AWESOME TROPOS AT MID DAY thru 1:30PM!!!!
IA, Southern MN, and Wisconsin received on UHF TV!!!
7/22/99 and 7/23/99 WZZM Ch. 13 Grand Rapids, MI logged
via tropos!
ch 17 WXMI and others noted!
7/21/99 huge auroral activity noted.
JUNE 1999
Field Day ESkip was huge hitting 2 meter ham band briefly!
MAY 1999
no new notes yet
APRIL 1999
4/18/99 AURORA ended by 12:30am
. Colombia and Mexico heard. No new loggings though.
4/17/99 HUGE AURORAL DISTURBANCE (no new loggings)
4/13/99 soundclip added for WEIS
4/12/99 KQDS is now back on the air!!!
4/9/99 WIGM 1490 Medford, WI. 12:00am gd/on hr. id.
not heard in a while. 4/6/99 WLFN 1490 LaCrosse, WI. 1:30am gd. w/MYL
not a new station. Just not heard in a while.
MARCH1999 1490 Khz. Local KQDS has been off the air for a while now.
NOTE: October 11, 1998 A good western US opening was noted after 5:00 am central time. 1000 UTC.
New Wyoming and Arizona stations were logged.
KLDI 1210 Laramie, WY
KYET 1180 Williams, AZ
Excellent tropos opening September 05.
Ducting to Kansas and Nebraska on TV and FM
September 24/25 incredible auroral activity
Under 100 watt stations from Louisiana,
Mississippi, and Alabama were logged including WEIS 990 Centre, AL!

DX Conditions 530 - 1710 Khz
from my listening post in Duluth, MN USA
Up to the day : August 08, 1999
including previous month: (APRIL)

Still busy with many things, but AM DXing usually isn't that HOT until around this time.
So check back over the next few weeks.
DX conditions are strong! I just haven't been able to take advantage of the conditions
Due to high noise levels at my home QTH
But I've limited the noise to a certain extent and can resume listening.
On the car radio I was hearing a lot of good DX.
I caught "Mighty 1190" from the Shreveport LA area 11/12 around 5PM
And WOAI 1200 San Antonio, TX was strong and clear
(But they're 50,000 watts!)
I should be logging some DX over the next few days.
I'll keep interested parties updated here, so please check back.
This page is under construction. December 14, 1998 is my last official logging of a "cool catch"
Great DX conditions at sunset for SSS
Logged 1580 WLIJ Shelbyville, TN at 7:00PM
(thank you Mr. Bryan Turner W8LN for pointing out my erroneous logging
of WLIJ's state as KY and not TN!)

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